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Quick help

Quick help

This webpage aims at gathering as many coin collections as possible, and present them to other collectors. Introducing their collections, collectors can have quick and easy access to them any time, from any place.

  1. Register
  2. First of all, the user needs to register. The site will ask only for a username, a password and an email. After registration, you can login to the site.

  3. Create gallery
  4. On the home page, click on the “Create new gallery” box.

    A new page will appear. Fill the boxes with the details of your gallery. Real and accurate details will help other people to find your galleries and your coins. You can also add a description for your gallery. Description will be appear at the bottom of your gallery.

  5. My galleries
  6. At the top panel, click on “My galleries”, to view your galleries.

    “Unsorted” gallery is a system gallery. If the user deletes a gallery, all the coins in the gallery will be transferred to “Unsorted” gallery. The user can add the coins from this gallery to other galleries. By clicking on a coin, user can select the “Edit coin's galleries” button to put the coin to another gallery or to remove the coin from a gallery.

  7. Gallery

    By selecting a gallery (click on gallery name of “My galleries” table), the user can view his gallery and also can manage the gallery. Under the name of the gallery, there are some useful buttons:

    • Hide wanted: user can hide coins without photos.
    • Show wanted: user can show all coins of the gallery, coins with photos and coins without photos.
    • Edit gallery: User can change the details of the gallery.
    • Add a coin: User can add a new coin to the gallery.
    • Save order: The user can change the order of the coins (by dragging and dropping) and by clicking on the “Save order” button, will save the new order of the coins.
    • Delete gallery: User can delete their gallery. All the coins of the gallery will be transferred to the “Unsorted” gallery for safety reasons. User can view their coins in “Unsorted” gallery and can add them to another gallery or to delete them.
  8. Hover the cursor over the coin’s photo, user can see the reverse side of coin.

    By clicking on the coin, the user can see large photos of the coin and more details about the coin.

  9. Add a coin
  10. A new page will appear. The user can fill the boxes with the details of their coin and add photos of their coin.

  11. Coin

    By selecting a coin, the user can see the page of the coin, where more details about the coin and all the photos of the coin are available.

    On top, there are the following buttons:

    • Edit coin: The user can edit the details or photos of his coin.
    • Edit coin's galleries: The user can put the coin to another gallery or to remove the coin from a gallery.
    • Add similar coin: The user can add a new similar coin to the same gallery. The details of this coin will be copied and the user can edit them for the new coin. The user can also add the new photos of the new similar coin.
    • Delete coin: The user can permanently delete the coin from the site. All the details and the photos of the coin will be deleted. You cannot restore the coin again.
  12. Search
  13. Any user can search coins that are in visible galleries.